Katja Benrath and the OSCARS

Katja Benrath - die OSCAR-Nominierte

Well, Katja Benrath was not born in Lübeck. She was born in the Odenwald, grew up in a small town on the Main. But at the age of nine Benrath moved to Lübeck and it is said that the real Lübeck are rarely also native Lübeck. With luck, however, Benrath could become the first Oscar winner in Lübeck.

However, she moved on after passing high school at Katharineum also again. Katja Benrath moved to Wuppertal, where she completed a master’s apprenticeship there, including sewing for Pina Bausch. At the beginning it should have been completely clear to her that this was only the beginning, the entry into the specific milieu theater. Already in Lübeck she was told a certain “theatrical affinity”.

Extensive career base

So it went after a few years on to Austria and Benrath studied four years at the Vienna Conservatory acting and singing. Since 2010 she has received theater engagements and worked in musicals as well as several film and TV productions. Between 2014 and 2016 she studied at the Hamburg Media School and shifted her work to directing and script development. She also shot in Lübeck. In the short film “Tilda”, the story of a shy seamstress, the Lübeck actor Gerhard Olschewski and the Travemünde St.Lorenz church also played a part.

Nominated for the Oscars

Last year, Katja Benrath was awarded the Student Academy Award, the so-called “Student Oscar” for her production “Watu Wote – All of Us.” In addition, perhaps more importantly, she received a nomination for this year’s Oscars 2018 Benrath’s film, made up of a total of 165 competition entries, now only counts among four other nominees: “Watu Wote – All of us” is about a problematic, highly topical subject, based on the 2015 raid by Kenyan Islamists chasing a bus in their hunt for Christians and starting to select passengers between Christians and Muslims, a film material based on a BBC news bulletin.

Also comedies

Filming in Kenya was almost as dramatic. The team, while paying close attention to armed security guards, was robbed and temporarily arrested. The climatic conditions were tough, the water supply failed chaotically. Already due to such conditions Benrath would have earned the Oscar. Of course, further productions are already being planned. Katja Benrath has also decided to make comedies, preferably with “people in borderline situations”. And maybe this time again in North German scenery.

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